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Confessions of a Quarantined MOM: A 14 Day Mother’s Day Devotional

Here's to all the Mom’s just hanging in there, we are all different but we are all in this together! 

List of Days, starting Monday May 11th:

  1. Essential Mom: Dennisa Bumgardner

  2. New Mom: Trayline Kiesel

  3. Mother of Little Ones: Danielle Marstaller

  4. Pinterest inspired Mom: Caiti Mondragon

  5. Double duty Mom: Amber Tranetzki

  6. Stay at home Mom: Liz Trujillo

  7. Dog Mom: Dennisa Bumgardner

  8. Struggle on Mother’s Day: Patty Schultz

  9. Home Schooling Mom: Renee Danganan

  10. Grand & Great Grandmother: Linda Kalahiki

  11. Exhausted Mom: Liz Trujillo

  12. Missing Mom: Loretta Bumgardner

  13. Mother to grownups: Diane Flores

  14. Expectant Mom: Dennisa Bumgardner

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