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John Gestrich

men's group leader

Name: John Gestrich (spouse Desiree)

Occupation: Facilities Carpenter Supervisor, The University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ministry Experience: Served In various ministries since 2008 with New Hope Diamond Head which later became C4 including, Levites, Hospitality, greeting, youth and Children’s Ministry where I taught 1-4th graders about Jesus. During my time at C4 I helped birth their first outreach ministry and led the men’s ministry. I also serve with several Kingdom ministries including Samaritans Purse, Camp Agape and Hawaiian Island ministries.

Testimony: I grew up as a Christian in a very unstable household, my mother and I became homeless when I was four and was just trying to survive for many years. However my moms Faith rarely wavered! I grew up in many churches as my mother would usually find work at these churches in their nurseries. I was baptized as a southern baptist when I was twelve but then in high school life got really difficult and I was introduced to drugs and alcohol. However The Lord never abandoned me, in 2008 I found myself at the feet of JESUS and I decided to become a follower, it has been a road of many ups and downs but I have served the Lord faithfully healed for the last decade and I am excited for HIM bringing me to Elevate this year for such a time as this, I believe with all my heart that God is doing something special here!

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