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Sean Mochizuki

elevate church council treasurer

Name: Sean Mochizuki (spouse Del Mochizuki)


Education: Iolani School; University of Southern California B.S. in Accounting and B.S. in Business Administration – Emphasis in Finance


Occupation: Director of People and Performance at Accuity LLP; Licensed CPA


Testimony: I was in my twenties, doing life on my own terms, and carried the weight of my insecurities and problems. When I started to date Del (my wife), she mentioned that she used to attend church and that it would be nice if we could go to services together. The Lord was moving in my life, and my mom and dad were also encouraging me to attend lunch services that were being held at Aloha Tower Marketplace by New Hope Metro. I reluctantly started to attend these lunch services and eventually, Sunday services at Metro. I met people my age whom I could related, that had this intimate relationship with Jesus, and their thoughts and actions reflected this relationship with him. At the same time, every single message in service was delivered as if they had me in mind, and would leave me in a state of disbelief. I began to grow in relationship with the people at Metro, and while my issues didn’t disappear immediately, I began to feel the sweetness of freedom that comes from transparent living and abiding by the Lord’s will. I gave my life to the Lord, and was baptized at the same time with Del. The Lord has changed my life, and he has done a wondrous work that easily exceeds my craziest dreams.

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