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Tati Liu

elevate church council member

Name: Tatianna Mulitauaopele Liu (spouse Jimmy "Slim")

Professional Organizations: The Salvation Army (TSA) Honolulu Advisory Board Member; TSA Echelon Chair; Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

Ministry Experience: Elevate Life Outreach Coordinator (2016-Current); Elevate Youth Ministry Director (2016-Current)

Occupation: Engineering Technician, Austin Tsutsumi & Associates

Testimony: Growing up in a Christian family, I was surrounded by faith from a young age. We attended church on Sundays and had family prayers in the morning and the evening. I was always a believer, but I never had a personal relationship with God.

In 2007, my dad and I joined my Uncle Vaifanua Pele, Pastor and Founder of Mission of Hope Ministries, and his evangelical and medical team from South Carolina helping those in need who live in remote areas on the island of Samoa. This experience had shifted my relationship with God but being 13 years old - I couldn't articulate it at the time.

Over the years, my relationship with God slowly grew until in 2013 I finally decided to let go and let God be the center of my life. The day I got baptized was the pivotal moment when my relationship with God grew deeper than ever before--and it's been an amazing journey ever since! My understanding and love for God has helped me to realize that my purpose is to elevate God and elevate life. This realization has brought me a newfound sense of peace and fulfillment, as I’m now able to use the skills and talents that God gifted me to serve others.

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